CSCI E.132 Lecture Handouts


Fall 2012

              (click on "B&W" for black & white version)
          7:     Course Introduction  (B&W)
        14:     Internet Architectural Principles (B&W)
        21:     Internet Governance and Standards (B&W)
        28:     Internet Protocol (IPv4 and IPv6) (B&W)
         5:     Congestion Control Protocols (TCP, SCTP, etc) (B&W)
       12:     Wireless (B&W)
       19:     Internet Security (B&W)
                  Take-at-home midterm exam posted
       26:     Quality of Service (QoS) (B&W)
                 Take-at-home midterm exam due (4:30pm ET)
         2:     Routing Theory (B&W)
         9:     Routing Practice (B&W)
       16:     Network Management & SNMP (B&W)
       23:     Thanksgiving Holiday - no class
       30:     Internet Telephony (B&W)
         7:     MPLS (B&W)
       14:     Multicast (B&W)
                 Take-at-home final exam posted
                 All extra credit papers due by 4:30pm ET.
       21:    Take-at-home final exam due (4:30pm ET)