Network World Columns


·       1995-01-09: The Future Revisited (p 14)

Checking on last year's predictions

·       1995-01-23: Contraindications for Fragmentation (p20)

Private networks that compete with the Internet look like they are failing.

·       1995-02-06: Is Network Security an Oxymoron? (p 14)

Don't let security issues keep you from connecting to the Internet.

·       1995-02-20: Postman - Read that Letter! (p 16)

Some problems with the Communications Decency Act of 1995.

·       1995-03-06: Making the Signs and Painting the Lines (p 21)

Getting governments out of the technical management of the Internet.

·       1995-03-20: A Trick Question (p 22)

ATM's present and future.

·       1995-04-03: Is It A Small World After All? (p 21)

More on the Communications Decency Act of 1995.

·       1995-04-17: IPng Status (p23)

The status of the next generation Internet protocol.

·       1995-05-01: The Right To Speak Incognito (p 16)

U.S. Supreme Court rules that anonymous political speech is protected by the U.S. Constitution.

·       1995-05-15: Good News? (p 18)

IBM is starting to understand TCP/IP networks.

·       1995-05-29: Semi-Random Thoughts (p 21)

Catching up with some stories.

·       1995-06-12: The Problem With Trying (p 25)

Prodigy sued for not being perfect.

·       1995-06-26: Been There, Didn't Do That (p 19)

ISDN does not do it all.

·       1995-07-10: Naughty Bits (p 21)

Proposals to encode subjective site ratings in URLs.

·       1995-07-24: Old wine in new bottles. (p 20)

Refuting a claim that the Internet is not ready for business.

·       1995-08-07: "A name illustrious and revered by nations." (p 18)

the new domain names dispute process.

·       1995-08-21: Of Bytes, Pixels, Phones, and Sausages (p 17)

The ugly parts of the Communications Act or 1995.

·       1995-09-04: The Problem of Being Permanent (p19)

Classless Inter Domain Routing and renumbering.

·       1995-09-18: There Is No Success Like Failure (p 23)

The good that came from not having ISO manage Internet standards.

·       1995-10-02: Internet names, part deu (p 22)

Domain Names are no longer a government sponsored free good.

·       1995-10-16: The Missing Linker (p 18)

Virtual LANs

·       1995-10-30: Should the Internet be Heaven's Net? (p 22)

Clinton administration is still pushing for encryption key escrow.

·       1995-11-13: The Web is not Just for the Internet Anymore. (p 25)

Enterprise use of web technology.

·       1995-11-27: Is ATM a Synonym? (p 22)

More problems with ATM.

·       1995-12-11: The value of sure and obscure packets. (p19)

The IETF's authentication and encryption work.