Network World Columns



·       1996-01-08: When a part is greater than the whole (p 20)

The importance of standards.

·       1996-01-22: The false allure of islands. (p 23)

The non-future of Compuserve.

·       1996-02-05: Can URLs be justified? (p19)

The use and scaling of web servers.

·       1996-02-19: Is the glass nearly full or nearly empty? (p 17)

The Telecommunications Act of 1997.

·       1996-03-04: A reversal of direction? (p 20)

Apple changing its approach?

·       1996-03-18: The View From Flatland (p 20)

Problems with bridged networks.

·       1996-04-01: They Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks (p 22)

Hollywood will get more risqué now that there is a V-Chip.

·       1996-04-15: Certainly Unpredictable (p20)

·       National Research Council's "the Unpredictable Certainty: Information Infrastructure through 2000."

·       1996-04-29: The importance of restrained anarchy. (p 22)

Some coordination and standards are needed in the Internet.

·       1996-05-13: Thinking local in global world. (p19)

Local governments trying to regulate the global Internet.

·       1996-05-27: The end of a dream? (p 21)

The dream of ATM is finally dying.

·       1996-06-10: The web as Luther, the Net as Widner. (p 18)

Harvard's Internet and Society conference.

·       1996-06-24: A lively death indeed. (p 23)

People are claiming that the Internet is dying.

·       1996-07-08: Running in Karnak mode (p 16)

Finding false universal answers.

·       1996-07-22: It can't be dead, it hurts too much. (p 18)

Bob Metcaffe pushing Internet hot buttons.

·       1996-08-05: The importance of occasional chaos (p 18)

My testimony in the Communications Decency Act lawsuit.

·       1996-08-19: Selling Virtual Spaghetti (p 19)

The overuse of VLANs.

·       1996-09-02: Of Sealing Wax, Kings and Knaves (p 21)

Trying, and failing, at a more private Internet.

·       1996-09-16: Installing Complacency (p 32)

Just installing a firewall can hurt you security.

·       1996-09-30: Of tools & weapons (p 21)

The good and bad uses of modern technology.

·       1996-10-14: Internet health report, a second opinion (p 14)

Correcting some errors in Network World articles about the Internet.

·       1996-10-21: The SYNs of the vandals (p 44)

How the Internet SYN attack works.

·       1996-10-28: Why can't an ISP be more like a phone company? (p 40)

Making the Internet like the phone company would cost like a telephone company.

·       1996-11-04: The "S "word (p 48)

The false lure of Internet settlements.

·       1996-11-11: A lesson almost learned (p 36)

AOL trying (and failing) to reinvent itself.

·       1996-11-25: How much is security worth? (p 34)

The value of good encryption.

·       1996-12-02: Restrictions in the unlimited (p 34)

The glowing assumed demand for fiber.

·       1996-12-09: Are bits to the desktop a good idea? (p 36)

The issues with the Internet in every classroom idea.

·       1996-12-16: Days of future past (p 36)

The folding of Tele-TV.

·       1996-11-18 (Metcaffe debate): the Net through doom colored glasses (p 71)

The Internet is not about to crash and the press reading their own misunderstandings into Metcaffe's claim of future Internet collapse.