Network World columns


see "Edited" for the version that ran in the paper.   

Little real change predicted for 2002.
Suggestions for anti-spam laws. 
Enron's bandwidth trading.
Microsoft and trustworthy computing.
Looking at the sights seeing technology lessons.
Security is not all about good walls.
The FCC's broadband deployment stats.
The FCC's broadband deployment stats, continued.
Greed vs. common sense with MPEG-4.
Appealing the Sonny Bono copyright extension law.
Learning from DoCoMo's iMode.
Extending Celebrity Boxing to the technology space.
Set top boxes as money conduits.
Senator Hollings's attempt to eviscerate general purpose computers.
Please fess-up to breakins so we can learn how to fix things.
The requirement (not the need) to monitor instant messaging.
Copyright fees for Internet radio.
Automatically appended "legal" trainers.
Turner TV executive equates fast forwarding video tapes with theft.
Protecting kids from porn in ineffective ways.
Spam is becoming a real problem,
Maybe better news on copyright fees for Internet radio.  
The threat of HTML email.
IP Telephony as a leading indicator and ATM as a trailing one.
The Alexis de Tocqueville Institution saying that open source supports terrorism.
Not so good news about copyright fees for Internet radio.

VCs funding technology-free pipe dreams.

Microsoft's Palladium project.

Saving money by using the web.

Wireless Internet.

A bill permitting the copyright gang to be thugs.

HP threatening security whistleblowers instead of fixing the problems.

US Cybersecurity Czar Richard Clarke at the Black Hat Conference.

Phone carriers trying hard to die.  

ENUM and the value of phone numbers. 

Apple OSX 10.2 -- real UNIX with a real GUI.

Little real innovation these days.

How important is seeing the other guy?

Opponents to UltraWideBand.

Wall Street Journal section on wireless ignores privacy.

A report from the GRID conference.

Google's new news service.

Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer gets pissed at Microsoft  PR people.

Regulators protecting position and revenue of incumbent carriers.

Strange things in the Microsoft anti-trust agreement.

Panama choosing old telephony over new.

Flexibility may be as important as speed in IP-based storage.  

A review of a report on the Internet on 9/11/2001.

Lessons about security attacks using social engineering.

Wireless Internet from Cometa Networks, maybe.