Network World columns


See "Edited" for the version that ran in the paper.   

Little real change predicted for 2003.
What you need to toss to get good security. 
Microsoft's and Sony's vision for an Internet-free future.
Network Associates attempt to block discussing bad software.
The Slammer worm hits.
More on the Slammer Worm.
Intuit's copy protection stupidity.
Internet taxes are on the way.
Banks overreacting to a security problem.
The HIPAA security regulations.
The importance of the end-to-end principle.
Evaluating the value of the IETF.
Applying a legal ruling on junk FAX to spam.
A very bad bill trying to protect copyright.
WiFi in New York City.
Turning pay phones into WiFi access points.
Burn to order software CDs.
A Grokster legal decision.
Apple's iTunes music service.
Security problems in Microsoft software.
SCO's suing IBM over Linux
Telcos dreaming about video on demand.  
Sprint reissuing an ATM press release.
Number portability turns phone numbers into names.
The FCC's very misleading statistics about Internet access.
Requirements for software to support Senator Hatch's copyright protection efforts.

The do-not-call list.

Identity theft.

The ITU-T's Next Generation Network effoty.

Give up & let the cops know what you are doing at all times.

Maryland's effort to destroy safe elections.

Wiretapping the Internet.

The move to cell-phone-only subscribers.

Minnesota trying to block VoIP.  

The FCC rules for facility sharing as lawyer bait. 

Efforts to create anti-spam law.

Everything is moving to wireless.

AT&T thinking that content-aware networks will be useful.

Verisign's redirecting mistyped domain names.

Internet-based coverage of sports.

The press coverage of Verisign's redirecting mistyped domain names.

Trying to use the DMCA to stop the news that SunnCom's CD protection is very easily circumvented.

Do regulators have any useful role in the world?

A very flawed BBC report on Internet addresses.

The Apple-based supercomputer.

The FCC approving the Broadcast Flag.

Will the Skype VoIP service be important?  

Fiber data networks deployed by cities & towns.

The CAN-SPAM act gives a go-ahead to spammers.

Internet shopping sites that force you to set up an account if you want to buy anything.