Network World columns


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The questionable logic the FCC used in approving the AT&T/Bell South merger.
The iPhone is only missing a few things to make it ideal. 
Did TJX carefully decide to be stupid? 
TJX keeps being stupid. 
The impact of human factors on security. 
A Senate privacy bill that is more pro business than pro consumer. 
The US Attorney General wants ISPs to monitor your network use. 
Microsoft's anti-virtual machine licenses. 
Sending odors via the Internet.  
Death to Internet radio. 
Google changing its data retention rules. 
Politicians trying to censor the Internet.
Apple's announcement of a DRM-free option on iTunes.
US DoJ law manuals.
The press thinks NSF is building a replacement Internet.
All too intelligent printers.
Many people stop working when their BlackBerrys stop working.
The Supreme Court explains patent law.
The economic impact of the FCC's new wiretap rules.
Microsoft is again waving patents that it will not reveal against open source software.
California's flawed approach to RFID privacy.
Lots of rulings from the FCC
The iPhone hype.
Misleading info from the NY Times about business on the Internet.
The government has to obey the law to read your mail.
Internet startup monitoring your Internet usage.
The FCC decides that obscurity is security.
iPhone pricing & Internet radio fees 
Congress may tell the FCC to stop using false statistics
A follow up on "An invisible abomination"
The FCC (again) ignores the advantages of unlicensed spectrum.
The SCO Group unsuccessfully tried the extortion business.
The impact of the Internet on the news business.
The sadly limited iPhone.
Japan's very fast Internet service.
The US DoJ concluding that network neutrality is not useful
Email and other electronic records are forever
The Jericho Forum warning to not depend too much on a firewall 
Digital Rights Management may be costing companies money 
Trusting your medical records to Microsoft
Lessons for the Internet from the new Harvard President
Paying more for a room too often means paying more for an Internet connection
Verizon and Comcast do not consider telling the whole truth an option.
Google's gPhone
The press misrepresents a speech by the deputy director of national intelligence
All major credit reporting agencies now offer credit freezes 
Predicting Internet collapse (again)
The FCC can not seem to treat different types of carriers the same way
The 20th anniversary of the NSFNET
What I would like to see Apple make next.