Network World columns


see "Edited" for the version that ran in the paper.       

Voting machine problems. 
The MacBook Air is very good but not great. 
Hard to tell true from false on the 'Net. 
A plea for a cell phone that can be used as a desk phone and a warning about a IRS tax rule. 
A lack of redundancy in international Internet connections. 
National Federation of the Blind (NFB) vs Target Corporation over web site accessibility.
A strange investment in the SCO group. 
Freezing (literally) memory to break security. 
New DRM-free publishers.  
Apple's software development kit for the iPhone provides promise to developers, threatens competitors but may be annoyingly limited.
No one in Washington seems interested in actually fighting spam. 
FCC still releasing misleading information about Internet access. 
Comcast switching to fair congestion control and Verizon adopting open access.
More people are dropping land line phones.
EU limiting how long search engine companies can keep raw data.
Pew report on personal information on the Internet.
Can there be competition for cable & phone ISPs?
Poor network management practices.
Multiple net neutrality bills in congress.
Lots of attacks on personal privacy.
Does Microsoft own that copy of Windows you bought?
The FCC proposal for free wireless Internet with porn filters.
What will the Internet of the future look like?
Broadband usage caps do not fight congestion.
FCC is again misleading us with their broadband deployment stats.
The energy crunch for data centers.
FTC not enforcing the CAN-SPAM law or the junk FAX law.
FCC is actually supposed to enforce the junk FAX law but they don't do either.
SCO Group getting near the end of their road.
Microsoft making empty patent infringement threats against open source software again.
FCC does not have the authority to do what it did against Comcast.
MIT students proving that the MBTA does not understand security or publicity;
ISPs backing off the use of NebuAd and other invasive ad companies.
NBC's poor use of the Internet in its Olympic coverage.
A possible motive for Comcast's new bandwidth caps.
The Internet as Google.
Wacko numbers of the loss to business from fantasy football.
Stupid TV ads for Windows Vista. 
Getting access to rules we must obey. 
Will Apple be forced to open up the iPhone and thus make more money?
The FCC is told by Congress to provide better data about broadband deployment in the US.
The FCC approving the White Space proposal would be a Good Thing.
Are municipal networks a good idea?
Ten things the new administration could do to make the Internet better.
The Internet was the key factor in the presidential election.
Local judges not understanding the global nature of the Internet. 
Hard to reasonably bring someone who drove someone to suicide over the Internet.
Client directed Google bashing.
The Wall Street Journal totally misunderstanding what Google is up to.