Network World columns


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CAN-SPAM Act may be a good example of what not to do when it comes to federal regulation. 
National Research Council report slams existing export controls. 
Advice on what not to do if you want information security. 
Current draft of broadband stimulus program may not result in many more broadband Internet users.
Cox taunts FCC by announcing unfair treatment of customer network traffic.
An issue may be lurking under Google's new location tracking capability.
FTC should have addressed underlying issue of personal information on the Web. 
Critics of anti-child porn act may not be reading the bills. 
Special devices such as Hearst's newspaper e-reader are not long for the world.
Rep. John Conyers demonstrates misunderstanding of copyright law, what’s best for country.
Pew report on state of American journalism paints bleak picture. 
Specialty search engines may have their place.
Poor security in the smart grid plans..
Proposed laws will impact most of us, but have open questions.
Wall Street Journal story on hackers in power system is just latest iteration of an old story.
FBI's CIPAV spyware makes it harder for bad guys to hide, but there are issues with approach.
Security has not been much of a consideration in cloud computing --but that may be about to change.
Report explores policy issues with government-sponsored cyberattacks.
Are your Web site's terms of service illusory and unenforceable?.
Sony Pictures' CEO seems to not want to deal with the world that includes the Internet.
Did Verizon actually decide to hold a man's life ransom for $20?.
Will Obama cybersecurity initiative have anything other than a good start?.
Conference news not earth shattering, but maybe something waits in the wings.
Broadband without the Internet is worse than useless.
The impact of the Internet on the protests in Iran.       
Cellular handset lockin, such as the iPhone with AT&T, are getting FCC and congressional attention.
A few problems with federal broadband stimulus program.
The fact that Social Security numbers are guessable is big news but the real problem has been known for a long time.
Removal of Kindle books yet another example of people doing things in virtual world that they would never think of doing in physical world.
The FCC looks like it is starting to get involved in the business of telecom in new ways.
Government bureaucrats may not be the Internet's best friends.
Apple bows to AT&T paranoia over VoIP and Google may be embarrassed over Google Voice application for iPhone.
Employees working at home because of the Swine Flu may become a significant security risk.
Social media Internet sites may get different people involved in political action.
If the Wall Street Journal hates Google so much why doesn't it tell search company to stay out?.
New FCC network neutrality effort has potential, but is not certain to be helpful. 
The folks at Microsoft's Danger group have brain fart, throw away customers' data.
Questioning whether new FCC network neutrality rulemaking process produces a legally supportable set of rules.
Apple's corporate secrecy is getting in the way of medical research.
FCC seems to be assuming that redistributing wealth is the right way to bridge broadband gap.
Will telling Google to go away save newspapers?.