Network World columns


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Is it time to turn off the (old) phone network?
Apple is trying a new idea -- let copyright owners show how dumb they are.
NBC again fails to make meaningful use of the Internet in its Olympic coverage
It's already been a busy year in the area of Internet freedom and security. 
Who are we fighting in the cyberwar, if anyone? 
Is this (finally) the end for the unlamented SCO Group?
The courts have spoken - the FCC overstepped its authority.
Will the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement be good for Internet or for you or me? 
Net neutrality opponents in full, and misleading, fury over FCC proposal, but that does not mean there are not things to worry about.
Pondering whether Facebook's stated goal of making privacy controls simple can ever succeed.
Yet another legal defeat should mean the end for the SCO Group, but will it?
The US Supreme Court failed to help clarify what can be pateneted.
Irrational behavior all around about the Apple iPhone 4's antenna problems.
You think Google knows too much about you? Internet tracking companies know far more.
Is it a good idea to let the phone companies deploy an Internet-free "service"?.
The Internet is finally about to run out of IPv4 addresses, but IPv6
will keep it thriving
Web sites selling information about teenagers is OK in the U.S., but Europe has a different opinion.
The FCC's white space decision significantly increases the radio spectrum available for unlicensed computer communications.
Apple's OS X Lion and the Macbook Air point the way.
Microsoft in a "post-PC" world.
The news media frenzy over the Beatles (finally) making it to iTunes.
Why was the leaker able to download so much data without causing an alarm?.               
Governments trying to control the Internet.