Great Republic


Description of the Largest Ship in the World, The New Clipper Great Republic of Boston, Designed, Built and Owned by Donald McKay


This book was published in 1853. Written by "A Sailor."  Known to be Duncan McLean - a reporter for the Boston Daily Atlas who published many detailed descriptions of newly launched clipper ships - with 6 plates


I obtained a copy of the original book and scanned it and its plates.


Book (pdf)


The book includes 6 plans of the Great Republic.  The following are the descriptions of the plans from the book.


Plate No. 1. Outboard Profile, rigging, sails


Plate No. 2. Is a fore and aft vertical view of the ship amidships, showing side-views of the keel, mouldings of the floor timbers, depths of the midship keelsons, stanchions and their knees, beams, ledges and carlines, outlines of the decks and rail, stem, sternpost and rudder, and positions of the masts and tanks.


Plate No. 3. Is a view of the inside of the ship, representing the cross diagonal iron braces, the pointers, forward and aft, outlines of the decks and hanging knees, and the diagonals between the upper deck knees ; also, the positions of the ports, the whole embraced in a general outline of her hull.


Plate No. 4. Represents the horizontal outline of the third deck, with its beams and lodging knees, carlines, ledges and their knees, positions of the bitts, forward capstan; hatchways, masts and rudder case.


Plate No.5. Represents 10 outlines of her beamed hooks forward and aft, all numbered, with the style of their knees.


Plate No. 6. Contains a plan of the mainmast, its hounds, trestle-trees, top, and two plans of its cap ; also the topmast trestle-trees and crosstrees ; also, side and bed views of the forward capstan, showing the mode of heaving in the chain; also a representation of the midship section of the ship, which embraces the keel, outside planking, timbers, ceiling, keelsons, stanchions, the beams and their hanging knees, with the style of their bolting.


Scott Bradner - May 2021