Images of the Flying Cloud:


              This list of images includes some of the more famous ones (e.g. the 1852 Currier and Ives  lithograph as well as some images that are not as well known but where the artist may have been able to directly observe the ship.  The latter images are marked with an asterisk.


*[I-Ares] Thomas A. Ayres, The Golden Gate – Entrance to the Bay of San Francisco,  c1855.  Lithograph made from a painting by Ayres showing Flying Cloud and the steamship John L. Stephens on San Francisco Bay.  Color image of the painting in [D-Whipple] (pages 68-69).


*[I-Buttersworth-a] James E. Buttersworth (1817-1894), The Clipper Ship "Flying Cloud" off the Needles, Isle of Wight, ca. 1859-1860, University of Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. The "Flying Cloud" full sailing left to right on choppy waters with a smaller boat sailing toward her from the right.


[I-Buttersworth-b] James E. Buttersworth (1817-1894),  Flying Cloud in a storm, unknown date. In [D-MacGregor] page 59, and [D-Whipple] (page 66). Does not show skysails.


[I-Buttersworth-c] James E. Buttersworth (1817-1894), Flying Cloud off Cape Horn, unknown date.  Shows Flying Cloud sailing from left to right in very rough seas with a torn main topsail and a single jib. Shows only 3 yards per mast.


[I-Clark] Unknown artist, Flying Cloud, before 1910.  Shows Flying Cloud sailing form left to right under full sail, except a partially reefed main sail.  In [D-Clark] (frontispiece).


*[I-Currier] Currier & Ives, The Clipper Ship "Flying Cloud", 1852.  Said to be based on a painting by James E. Buttersworth.  Shows Flying Cloud under full sail on calm seas, sailing from left to right.


*[I-Gleason's] unknown artist, newspaper illustration of the Flying Cloud loading in New York for her first voyage to San Francisco, Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, July 26 1851, page 64.  Maybe an etching made from [I-Wade].


*[I-Hong Kong artist] Hong Kong artist, Flying Cloud in Whampoa anchorage painted for Captain Cressy, in about 1852.  In [D-Lyon],  [D-Lane 1967] and in [D-Lindsey].  Publication in [Lyon] courtesy of by Mr. and Mrs. Norris Bull, Jr. The image shows the Flying Cloud sailing from left to right under topsails.


[I-Jacobsen] Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1921), The American clipper ship Flying Cloud at sea under full sail, 1913. Shows Flying Cloud under full sail on calm seas, sailing from left to right.


*[I-Kern] Edward Meyer Kern, The "Flying Cloud" Lying Off Whampoa, June 1854, MFA Boston.  Shows the Flying Cloud at anchor all sails furled.


*[I-MacPherson] unknown artist, Oil painting of the Flying Cloud, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Macpherson Collection, before 1863. Shown flying the Black Ball Line flag. Sailing left to right under full sail and on calm seas.  In [D-Bowen], [D-Lubbock] and [D-Addison].


[I-Nesbitt] Nesbitt & Co., Printers, Flying Cloud sailing card, unknown date. In [D-State Street-b].


[I-Patterson] Charles R. Patterson (1878-1958), Flying Cloud, National Marine Museum San Francisco, shows men working on sail on fore royal yard.  In [D-Whipple] (page 61) also, [D-MacGregor-b] (page 76).


[I-Sailing Card] Flying Cloud sailing card, in [State-street-b]


*[I-Scott] John Scott (1802-1885) , Flying Cloud off Whitby in North Yorkshire, England, in [D-MacGregor] (page 60) 1871.  Shows double topsails and British colors.


[I-Sheppard-] Warren Sheppard (listed as Shepherd) (1858-1937), Flying Cloud. US Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD.   Sailing from right to left under topsails, fore main sail and main topgallant sail.  In [D-Allaby] (opposite page 3) and [D-Cutler] (opposite page 183). Sheppard painted the Flying Cloud many times starting as early as 1917.


[I-State Street-p] unknown artist, Flying Cloud, in Some Ships of the Clipper Ship Era, 1913


[I-Tudgay] J. K. Tudgay, Flying Cloud, (no date) in [D-MacGregor-a] (page 58).  Does not show skysails.


*[I-Wade] John C. Wade (1827-?), Flying Cloud at her New York Dock, 1851, source of or copied from [D-GleasonŐs].  In [D-Brewington] (page 442).