Network World columns


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Now that the WCIT is over what does the future of the Internet look like?


Both Swartz and prosecutor Stephen Heymann were doing what they thought was right, and someone died.


Not much positive has happened in the United States on the online privacy front, but there is a lot going on in Europe.


President Obama has followed the Senate's lead and wimped out on protecting our critical infrastructure.


Is there a business reason to provide customer privacy?


Hard to get work done when cloud services go down.
Will the Linux Foundation's new OpenDaylight project change the world like Linux has?
Senate seems headed toward passing Internet tax bill, but House could still be a challenge.
Obama administration is starting to get there when it comes to letting us taxpayers access the information we pay to develop.
In spite of one stunningly dumb idea, report on theft of American intellectual property is generally well done.
My last NWW column.