Documents that include information or images specific to the Flying Cloud


[D-Addison-1994] Addison Gallery of American Art, Ships, catalogue of the Addison collection of ship models, Addison Gallery of American Art, 1994 - includes four photographs of [M-Boucher 1930] (pages 77, 78, 80, 81) and a black and white image of [I-MacPherson] (page 79).


[D-Allaby-1974] Eric Allaby, End of an Epic, Museum Memo, New Brunswick Museum, June 1974, a description of the final days of the Flying Cloud.  Includes a black and white image of [I-Currier] on the cover and a black and white image of [I-Sheppard] (opposite page 3).


[D-Bowen] Frank C. Bowen, The Golden Age of Sail, With illustrations from contemporary engravings and paintings in the MacPherson Collection,” 1925, (National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England) Includes 91 illustrations including a black and white image of [I-MacPherson] (plate 41).  Also includes short biography of Donald McKay and a short description of the ships shown in the illustrations.


[D-Brewington-1968] M.V. and Dorothy Brewington, Marine Paintings and Drawings in the Peabody Museum, Peabody Museum of Salem 1968.  Includes [I-Wade] (page 442) and the Sargent drawing "Looking Forward from the House" (page  326)  This drawing is not of the Flying Cloud but is a contemporary drawing of the deck of a similar sailing ship and provides many useful details.


[D-Clark-1910] Arthur Hamilton Clark, The Clipper Ship Era, G. Putnam and Sons 1911. Information about a number of clipper ships. Many mentions of the Flying Cloud, including a description with a few measurements at page 153.  Includes a black and white image of [I-Clark] as its frontispiece.  Clark was a childhood friend of Donald McKay. 


[D-Cosgrave-1963] John O'Hara Cosgrave, II: Clipper Ship: America's Famous and Fast-sailing Queens of the Sea, Macmillian Co., 1963. Illustrated book on clipper ships. The ship pictured likely modeled on [M-Boucher 1916]. (The Museum of Fine Arts is acknowledged in the book.) Very good detail in the illustrations. Some pages from the book.


[D-Crothers 1997] William L. Crothers, The American-Built Clipper Ship 1850-1856, International Marine, 1997. Details of the construction of American clipper ships including two slightly different cross sections of the Flying Cloud (one based on [D-McLean FC] (page 99) and one based on [D-Hall 1883] (page 100)) as well as multiple tables of specific details that include the Flying Cloud.


[D-Crothers-2013] William L. Crothers, The Masting of American Merchant Sail in the 1850s: An Illustrated Study, McFarland & Co. 2013. Details of mast and yard construction for American merchant sailing ships in the mid 1800s.  Includes multiple mentions of the Flying Cloud.


[D-Cutler-1930] Carl C. Cutler, Greyhounds of the Sea, Naval Institute Press 1930 (also later editions). Comprehensive record of American clipper ships, mostly focusing on their voyages including multiple Flying Cloud voyages. Little information on the ships themselves. Includes a black and white image of [I-Shepherd] (page 182) and a reprint of the abstract log from the first voyage of the Flying Cloud. (Pages 615-622.)


[D-Daily-1851] Ship Flying Cloud, Capt. J. P. Creecy, Daily Alta California, September 1, 1851. Newspaper article on the arrival of the Flying Cloud in San Francisco. Includes the dimensions of the ship and her masts and spars - with some dimensions different than those reported in [D-McLean FC].


[D-Dickson] Mr. Dickson, Nine page handwritten memo describing crewing on an 1853 voyage of the Flying Cloud ostensibly written by a someone who was a member of the Flying Cloud crew.   Marblehead Historical Society.  Contains some factual errors and seems to be a retelling of stories from different voyages.


[D-Douglas-1919] George B. Douglas, Auxiliary Clipper Ships, The Rudder, Volume 35 - 1919, pages 531-533. Description of the Flying Cloud, uses information from [D-Clark]. Includes sail plan and lines drawn by the author as well as a table of spar and mast dimensions.


[D-Fairburn II, III & IV-1945] William Armstrong Fairburn, Merchant Sail, Volumes II, III & IV, L. Middleditch Co. 1945.  Exhaustive information about the voyages and characteristics of many U.S. sailing vessels used in merchant trade, including the Flying Cloud.


[D-Forbes-A-1952] Allan Forbes and Ralph M. Easton, State Street Trust Company, Yankee Ship Sailing Cards, Volume III, 1952.  Includes a color copy of a Flying Cloud sailing card (page 41).


[D-Forbes-R-1885] Robert Bennet Forbes, Notes on Ships of the Past, J.F. Cotter & Co. 1885.  Some information about the voyages of the Flying Cloud.


[D-Gassan-2010] Kay F. Gassan, Tall Ships on the River: Flying Cloud, Queensland Voyages 1862-1870, Wiseowl Research Publishers, 2010.  Includes listing of the voyages the Flying Cloud made to Queensland Australia to transport immigrants, hundreds per voyage.  Includes passenger lists for some of the voyages.


[D-Gordon-2015] Stewart Gordon, A History of the World in Sixteen Shipwrecks, University Press of New England, 2015. Using the stories of 16 shipwrecks to tell the history of the world.  Included a history of shipbuilding in America including the Flying Cloud. (pages 168-182)  Includes a black and white image of [I-Jacobsen]


[D-Hall 1883] Henry Hall, Notebooks for ship-building in the United States, 1881-1883 - Volume II, Models and Measurements, 1883, Penobscot Marine Museum. Hand written. Scantling for 17 vessels built by Donald McKay, including the Flying Cloud. [D-Lane 1982] concluded that the information in these notebooks was likely copied directly from Donald McKay's personal information. The Flying Cloud information from this notebook.


[D-Hall 1884] Henry Hall, Report on the Ship-Building Industry of the United States, U.S. Census Department 1884. A report published by the Census Department on the state of ship building in the US. Includes the Flying Cloud in two tables (pages 72 and 85) and a set of lines for the Flying Cloud (page 77).


[D-Howe-1926] Octavius T. Howe and Fedrick C. Matthews, American Clipper Ships 1833-1858, Volume 1, Marine Research Society, 1926.  Includes a chapter on the history of the Flying Cloud (pages 190-195). Also includes a black and white print of [I-Macpherson] (opposite page 177), and a set of lines from [D-Hall 1884] (opposite page 208)


[D-Johnson-2004] Eileen B. Johnson, They Came Direct: Flying Cloud 1863,Gould Digital 2004. Information about an 1862-1863 voyage of the Flying Cloud from London to Moreton Bay Australia with 505 passengers and 45 crew members aboard.


[D-Knoblock-2014] Glenn A. Knoblock, The American Clipper Ship, 1845-1920,: A Comprehensive History, with a Listing of Builders and Their Ships, McFarland & Company, Inc., 2014.  Mostly a catalog of ships and builders with general information about the context in which the ships were built and used.  Many mentions of the Flying Cloud.  Includes Hall's lines on page 18 and a black and white image of  [I-Currier] on page 202.


[D-Lauriat-1927] Charles E. Lauriat Co., Old Sailing Ships of New England, C.B. Webster & Co. 1927.  Illustrations and 1-page descriptions of 74 New England 19th century sailing ships.  Includes a few paragraphs on the Flying Cloud (page 60) and a full page black and white image of [I-Patterson] (page 61)


[D-Lane 1967] Bruce M. Lane, The Flying Cloud built by Donald McKay, 1967. Peabody Essex Museum Library. Typewritten 190-page manuscript detailing research Lane did in preparation for building a large model of the Flying Cloud. Very good research and detailed information.   Includes many figures and reproductions of illustrations of the Flying Cloud.  Web version of this manuscript.


[D-Lane 1982] Bruce M. Lane and C. Gardner Lane, New Information on Ships Built by Donald McKay, article in American Neptune, April 1982, pages 118-137. The results of research into the accuracy of the ship plans, including those of the Flying Cloud, in the Clark collection at MIT and of the information about the Flying Cloud and other McKay ships in [D-Hall 1883] and [D-Hall 1884].


[D-La Grange-1936] Jacques and Helen La Grange, Clipper Ships of America and Great Britain 1833-1869, G. P. Putnam's Sons 1936.  Non-technical descriptions of a number of clipper ships accompanied by images of wood block prints of most of the vessels.  Includes a chapter on the Flying Cloud (pages 111-120) with a short description of her first voyage, a wood block image of the Flying Cloud (opposite page 112) and a set of lines of the Flying Cloud (page 121).


[D-Lindsey-1915] Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships on Which They Sailed, Marblehead Historical Society 1915. Long list of sea captains and the ships they commanded, pictures of the captains and some of the ships.  Includes poor quality image of [I-Hong Kong Artist] (page 30).


[D-Lion-1992] Margaret Lyon and Flora Elizabeth Reynolds, The Flying Cloud and Her First Passengers, Mills College 1992. This book is an account of the first around the world voyage of the Flying Cloud based in part on letters her first passengers wrote. Includes a reasonably clear black and white image of [I-Hong Kong Artist] (frontispiece) two sheets from [P-Magoun-26] (pages 7 & 8) and cabin plans drawn by Bruce M. Lane [P-Lane](pages 24 & 25).


[D-Lubbock-1914] Basil Lubbock, The China Clippers, James Brown & Son 1914.  A general overview of a number of clipper ships.  Includes a chapter on the Flying Cloud (pages 69-76), a set of lines for the Flying Cloud (opposite page 72) and a black and white image of [I-MacPherson] (opposite page 70).


[D-MacGregor-1993] David MacGregor, British & American Clippers, A Comparison of their Design, Construction and Performance in the 1850s. Naval Institute Press, 1993. General information about many clippers, including the Flying Cloud. (Pages 56-61) Includes a sail plan and a set of lines copied from a plan in the Clark collection at MIT (page 57). Includes prints of [I-Tudgay-Cape Horn] (page 58),  [I-Butterworth-gale] (page 59) and [I-Scott] (page 60).


[D-MacGregor-1952] David R. MacGregor, The Tea Clippers, their History and Development, Conway Maritime Press, 1952.  Some discussion of the Flying Cloud. Includes black and white print of [I-Patterson] (page 76).


[D-Magoun-1928] F. Alexander Magoun, The Frigate Constitution and Other Historic Ships, Southworth Press 1928. Includes a 29-page chapter on the Flying Cloud and a set of plans that are basically the same as [P-Magoun 1926], only smaller.


[D-McCaffery-2013] Lloyd McCaffery, Modeling the Flying Cloud, article in Shipwright 2013, Conway, 2013.  13-page article on his creating a model of the Flying Cloud, includes many photos of his model and of modeling techniques.


[D-McKay-1928] Richard C. McKay, Some Famous Sailing Ships and Their Builder Donald McKay, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1928. Biography of Donald McKay and a 22-page chapter on the Flying Cloud, (pages 141-163) which is mostly a folksy description of the ship and her voyages.  Includes a color print of [I-Patterson] (opposite page 140) and a print of [I-launching] (opposite page 142).


[D-McLanathan-1957] Richard B. K. McLanathan, Ship Models: Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Boston Museum of Fine Arts 1957. The catalogue of the ship models at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  Includes two black and white photographs of [M-Boucher 1916] (plates 40-41).


[D-McLean FC-1851] Duncan McLean, The New Clipper Ship Flying Cloud of New York, Boston Daily Atlas, April 25, 1851. Newspaper article. A very detailed description of the Flying Cloud on the occasion of her launching. Includes the dimensions and scantlings of the ship and dimensions of her masts and spars.  [D-Lane-67] speculates that some of the information may be purposely inaccurate to mislead McKay's competitors.


[D-Morgan] S. Griffitts Morgan, business records, Volume 21, including business receipts and other papers concerning the Flying Cloud, 1851 and 1852. Harvard Business School library. Includes receipts for provisions for, and for goods shipped on, the Flying Cloud.


[D-Morison-1923] Samuel Eliot Morison, The Maritime History of Massachusetts 1873-1860, Riverside Press 1923.  A general history of Massachusetts shipping.  Includes multiple mentions of the Flying Cloud and a black and white image of [M-Boucher 1916] (page 373).


[D-Nautical V2-1855] Improved Inventions for Economizing Labor on Board of Ships and for Securing Life and Property, in Monthly Nautical Magazine and Quarterly Volume 2, April to September 1855, p 161-162.  Includes note that the Flying Cloud was fitted with Allyn's Patent Power Capstan, at least by 1855.


[D-Neale-2007] Ralph P. Neale, Racers of the Deep: The Yankee Clippers and Bluenose Clippers on the Australian Run 1852-1869, Australian Scholarly Publishing 2007. Includes a description of the Flying Cloud during the 7 voyages she made to transport passengers from England to Australia for the Black Ball line (pages 293-303).


[D-Railroad-1851] American Railroad Journal, Volume 24, 1851, story including dimensions of the Flying Cloud and her masts and spars. (page 315).  May have been taken from [D-McLean FC].


[D-Ross-2012] Donald Gunn Ross III, The Era of the Clipper Ships: The Legacy of Donald McKay, no publisher 2012. Large (600+ pages) history of the ships built by Donald McKay and their voyages.  Includes much information relating to the Flying Cloud. Some material also on [D-Ross-w].


[D-Ross-w] Donald Gunn Ross III, The Era of Clipper Ships - web site. A very nice web site of information on many clipper ships, including the Flying Cloud - website taken down in April 2011 but the material was archived by The Internet Archive

The Flying Cloud, the story of the Flying Cloud, includes Duncan McLean's article.

The First Voyage of the Flying Cloud, the story of the first part of the first voyage of the Flying Cloud.

Sarah H. Bowman, second part of the first voyage of the Flying Cloud including a long detailed letter from Sarah H. Bowman, a passenger on the voyage, to her sister.

San Francisco-Canton third part of the first voyage of the Flying Cloud.

Flying Cloud Voyages Two and Three, accounts of the second and third voyages of the Flying Cloud

Record Voyage of the Flying Cloud, account of the 1854 record setting New York to San Francisco voyage of the Flying Cloud

Later Voyages of the Flying Cloud, accounts of the later voyages of the Flying Cloud including her final voyage in 1874 when the Flying Cloud ran aground and was burnt for the metal fastenings 23 years after she was launched.


[D-Scientific American-1851] Scientific American, New Clipper Ship Flying Cloud, May 31 1851, Vol. 6 Num. 37. (page 293)  Short article on the launching of the Flying Cloud, mostly copied from [D-McLean-FC].


[D-Shaw-2000] David W. Shaw, Flying Cloud: The True Story of America's Most Famous Clipper Ship and the Woman Who Guided Her, William Morrow, 2000. A well researched fictionalization of the first voyage of the Flying Cloud, focusing on Eleanor Creesy, the wife of the Flying Cloud's Captain Josiah Perkins Creesy, who served as the ship's navigator.  Includes copy of a [P-Magoun] plan (page 26) and black and white images of [I-Currier],  [I-launching] and [I-Gleason's] (after page 130).


[D-State Street-a-1913] State Street Trust Company, Some Ships of the Clipper Ship Era, State Street Trust 1913. Some information about clipper ships with ties to Boston including the Flying Cloud.  Includes black and white image of [I-Currier], (page 17).


[D-Stoddard-1902] Charles William Stoddard, In the Footprints of the Padres, A. M. Robertson 1902. The travels of Mr. Stoddard, including an 1857 trip on the Flying Cloud from San Francisco to New York. (Pages 122-132)


[D-Ujifusa-2018] Stephen Ujifusa, Barons of the Sea, and their race to build the world’s fastest ship, 2018.  A book about the business side of clipper ships, covers the Flying Cloud’s early voyages and company that owned her and other clipper ships Includes a print of  [I-Currier].


[D-Whipple-1980] A.B.C Whipple, The Clipper Ships, Time-Life Books 1980.  Popular press history of the clipper ship era.  Covers McKay’s history and the first voyage of the Flying Cloud.  Includes a colorized version of [I-Gleason’s] (page 59), a color print of [I-Buttersworth-b] (page 66), a color print of [I-Ares] (pages 68-69) and a color copy of a longitudinal hull plan drawn by Donald McKay titled Packet Ships Star of Empire and Chariot of Fame (pages 52-53).