Following is a table of offsets for the Flying Cloud taken from a plan of "Flying Cloud Lines and Offsets" by W.A. White dated 31 March 1934.  I've also included an abstraction of the body plan and of the bow and stern of the lines from the same plan to show the measurement lines White uses.

It should be noted that the White body plan seems to represent the outside of the planking rather than the outside of the framing (i.e. the inside of the planking) since the breadth of the body plan is shown as 41' 0", which was the extreme outside dimension of the Flying Cloud.  Other body plans, for example the one possibly drawn by Mary McKay, show the outside of the framing.

Another thing to be noted is that the "height of the main deck at side" column does not show a slower rise in the main deck compared to the main rail at the bow as was indicated by McLean's description that the Flying Cloud had a sheer of 3' and by Crothers, in his The American-Built Clipper  Ship - 1850-1956, saying "Flying Cloud had a stated deck sheer of 3 feet, while the sheer of the rail was 7 feet 3 inches at the moulded stem."(page 40)  The slower rise was designed to provide headroom under the topgallant forecastle deck for the crew who were housed there.


                                                                                                                              Scott Bradner - December 2017


Flying Cloud Table of Offsets  

Abstract body plan

Abstract Bow & Stern