Flying Cloud plans


I have posted copies of the plans for the Flying Cloud that I could find and that are not covered by copyright or by a do not distribute agreement.  Under U.S. copyright law any material published since 1977 is automatically covered by copyright, material published before 1926 have moved into the public domain, and material published between 1926 and 1977 are covered by copyright if they were published with a copyright notice.  (See here for more information.)


In addition some material which is not covered by copyright can not be posted because a holder of the material only releases copies after the receiver agrees to abide by a publication restriction.  The MIT Museum requires such an agreement before they will sell someone copies of the Magoun and White plans which were published well before 1977 and published without a copyright notice.  The MIT Museum also requires such an agreement before they will sell you a copy of the McKay lines drawn in about 1860, which is well out of copyright based on when it was published.


I purchased copies of these plans from the MIT Museum and agreed to the restriction, so will not publish copies of the plans I got from the MIT Museum.


Luckily, copies of some of these plans are available from other sources.  I will post copies if I can obtain unencumbered ones.


Some museums take a different approach.  For example, the Penobscot Marine Museum gave me permission to publish a copy of Henry HallŐs Notebooks for shipbuilding in the United States, 1881-1883 - Volume II, Models and Measurements, dated March 24, 1883, which I obtained from their collection.


The plans I have posed here I purchased myself, borrowed from friends or obtained from the archives of the USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild I believe they are all in the public domain.  Please contact me if you disagree. 

Scott Bradner - sob @


Likely C. G. Davis for Horace E. Boucher Manufacturing Company


              Hull, Lines and Deck - 1928 (blueprint)

              Rigging - 1928


BlueJacket Shipcrafters


              Hull, Lines and Deck - 1974 - A. Montgomery updating C. G. Davis

              Rigging - unknown date but found with 1974 Hull, Deck and Lines plan


George Douglas - published in The Rudder, Volume 35 - 1919, pages 531-533.


              Lines - copy of the McKay lines

              Sail Plan


Robert C. Brown for A. J. Fisher, Inc. about 1934

Hull & Deck Layout

Details Deck Fittings

General Rigging

Pin Plan & Misc

Masts & Spars


Henry Hall in Report on the ship-building industry of the United States, 1884


           Lines & Sheer - appear to be a copy of the McKay lines


Popular Mechanics - unknown date, likely before 1928



Hull & Deck

Hull construction

General Rigging Plan


Popular Mechanics - 1928


Lines & Sheer #1

Lines & Sheer #2

  Deck & Deck Furniture  #1

  Deck & Deck Furniture  #2

  Deck & Deck Furniture  #3

  Rigging #1

  Rigging #2


James Tate, "Build This Model of Flying CloudÓ - reprint from the 1928 Popular Mechanics series